The University of Worcester is a close-knit 而且 high-achieving community where students are supported to succeed at every level.

The University has been ranked in the top 5 in the UK for Quality Education in all years of the Times Higher Education’s University 影响 Rankings, which assess how universities globally are meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The University has also been ranked in the top 5 in the UK for 性别平等 in all years of the rankings.      

Worcester has been shortlisted three times as the Times Higher Education’s University of the Year – in 2016, 2019 而且 2020 - 而且 twice for University of the Year in the UK Social Mobility Awards – in 2019 而且 2020.

The University scores consistently above our benchmark 而且 the average in the National Student Survey. In 2021, Worcester 学生’ Union was ranked among the top 10 unions at mainstream universities across the UK in the independent survey.

Worcester achievements

  • 素质教育在英国排名前五 - Education in all years of the Times Higher Education’s University 影响 Rankings Rankings
  • 年度可持续发展机构 - 2019年绿袍奖得主
  • University of the Year - Finalist - 2020 Times Higher Education Awards 而且 UK Social Mobility Awards
  • Outst而且ing Contribution to 平等, Diversity 而且 Inclusion - 2020年泰晤士高等教育奖得主
  • 可持续就业前10名 -纵向教育成果调查 
  • 学生体验排名前20 -泰晤士报/星期日泰晤士报优秀大学指南2022


A place for everyone

The University is a truly inclusive place where every person counts as an individual.  From designing imaginative facilities to providing practical support 而且 tailored learning, we strive to help people of all backgrounds 而且 abilities to achieve their own rich potential. We work hard to break down barriers 而且 provide opportunities for all.

In 2020 we were the winner of the Times Higher Education Award for Outst而且ing Contribution to 平等, Diversity 而且 Inclusion.

Worcester is home to Europe’s first integrated university 而且 public library, 蜂巢, 而且 Britain’s first inclusive indoor sports hall purpose-designed to include the wheelchair athlete, 金沙苹果版下载体育馆, two facilities that exemplify our commitment to inclusion. 

Our commitment to supporting students’ wellbeing was recognised in being shortlisted for Outst而且ing Student Support in 2018 而且 2019 in the Times Higher Education University Awards, 而且 we are regularly identified as a best practice example in this field. 

We believe in educating 而且 supporting the whole person to succeed in their own personal endeavours but to also use the skills they develop to build a better world. 



Worcester has one of the best records of graduate employment in the Country. 96% of Worcester graduates are in work or further study 15 months after graduating (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2022) 而且 Worcester is the number one English higher education institute (excluding specialist institutions) for sustained employment, 无论是否进一步学习, 毕业后三到五年(LEO 2022)

A key feature of a University of Worcester education is the golden triangle of professional education, 是什么把专业知识和实践学习交织在一起. At the three points of the triangle are the well-motivated student, an inspiring educator, 并且是一位专业的导师.

在多个领域都有密切的行业联系, Worcester students have opportunities to access work placements, 从事与所学专业相关的工作,勤工俭学, as well as volunteering, 这些都有助于培养你的技能, 信心和就业能力.


"We will support you whenever needed, with excellent counselling, guidance, welfare 而且 support."

副校长兼首席执行官David Green教授


High quality teaching

在 first ever national Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), Worcester was rated Silver, with assessors commenting that Worcester “delivers high quality teaching, learning 而且 outcomes for its students” 而且 “consistently exceeds rigorous national quality requirements for UK higher education”.

We were placed 20th for student experience 而且 23rd for teaching quality (Times 而且 Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022, published September 2021).

The TEF panel noted that we excel at teaching which encourages high levels of student engagement 而且 commitment to learning 而且 study. Including “excellent levels” of contact time 而且 schemes that involve students in the process of enhancing their own learning experience.

Worcester is ranked among the very best in the UK in two national independent surveys exploring postgraduate teaching 而且 research. 在 . 在 AdvanceHE Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) 2022, Worcester is ranked 7th amongst 90 UK universities for 整体 satisfaction, while Worcester is ranked 7th out of 94 in the AdvanceHE Postgraduate 研究 Experience Survey (PRES) 2021. 

2021年8月, the University was given the go ahead to recruit the first students to its new 三县医学院. Construction is underway on a new healthcare training facility, 哪家医院将配备最先进的解剖套房.

蜂巢内部 library


Worcester has been an exemplar in the contribution a university can make to society. We recognise that the health 而且 wellbeing of the University is inextricably tied to the physical, 社会, 以及金沙苹果版下载所在地区的经济福祉. 金沙苹果版下载的想法, skills 而且 resources contribute a great deal to the communities of which we are a part 而且 we are committed to helping businesses, 公共和志愿组织的成功.

We have deliberately chosen to develop our facilities differently, creating places that are open to all 而且 that are conducive to co-operation 而且 success.

The University was the winner of the 2020 Times Higher Education Award for Outst而且ing Contribution to 平等, Diversity 而且 Inclusion 而且 winner of the 2019 THE Award for Outst而且ing Contribution to the Local 社区. The University won the 2019 Guardian University Award for Internationalisation.

We are the UK's best performing university for fair gender pay, 而且 have been since the statistics were first nationally published. A report from the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) in early 2018 placed the University of Worcester in the top 10 of universities which best reflect society.

View from outside the Hive
Outside the Hive library


Worcester is a leader in sustainability 而且 climate change research, teaching 而且 engagement. The University received First Class Honours in the 2022 People 而且 Planet University 可持续性 League, 排名14th 整体. Worcester was named 年度可持续发展机构 in the Green Gown Awards 2019. 金沙苹果版下载的校园是一个活生生的发展实验室, testing 而且 implementing solutions that enhance the health of people 而且 planet.